While we are specialists in Media, Arts & Entertainment, and Digital endeavors, we also have significant expertise in Import – Export, Foreign Direct Investment, and working with Startup companies in many sectors,  as well as new projects and initiatives for established SMEs and Multi-National Corporations.  Hyper Media has significant experience preparing Business Plans and Marketing Plans.

About Us


Our firm specializes in International Business, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Digital (online and mobile) as well as General Business consulting.  Aside from our performing artists, most of our clients are startups and growing small businesses, though we also work with mid-sized and major corporations.  Often we work in research and planning capacities while also actively managing marketing and technology projects.

While we are small, we have a global network of Specialists, Experts, and MBAs that we reach out to on a regular basis and work with on a subcontracted basis as needed.

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